As a future EM physician, you understand the importance of ongoing professional development. ACOEP offers an opportunity to be part of an active and thriving community of physicians, residents and students dedicated to the advancement of emergency medical care.

Through educational resources, events, research competitions and opportunities for networking with other residents and physicians in the field, you’ll find the ACOEP experience to be both professionally and personally rewarding.

ACOEP members enjoy priority access to the highest quality educational resources in emergency medicine, enabling you to stay abreast of research and trends to help accelerate your career. You’ll also have access to ample opportunities for networking with your peers and to a variety of leadership development opportunities.

ACOEP RSO member benefits include:

  • Invitations to two annual conferences that include advanced skills labs, social events, networking and leadership opportunities
  • Access to FOEM Research Competitions
  • Opportunities to submit articles to our publication The Fast Track 
  • Student mentorship for insights on how to deal with the hurdles of medical school, preparing for residency and becoming a successful physician.
  • Access to the Student Residency Program Expo, to learn about different residency programs and help in selecting a program to pursue.
  • Invitation to participate in the Leadership Academy, which focuses on how students can become future leaders, both in and out of the EM field.
  • Networking opportunities with over 2,000 EM physicians.
  • Resident Education Membership to explore access to the HIPPO EM benefit we offer as a part of the Resident Education Membership.