The Foundation for Osteopathic Emergency Medicine (FOEM) has put together guidelines to meet basic research standards for residents in emergency medicine. To view these guidelines, visit the research portion of FOEM’s website here.

Research Paper Review

The Research Paper Review is a free service provided by the ACOEP Research Committee that gives researchers valuable feedback on their papers, as well tips for publication.  All the research papers submitted for review are blinded and scored, and participants get a detailed rubric of strengths and weaknesses of the project that strengthen their chances of getting published.

For senior residents, there is an added incentive. Every year, the Foundation for Osteopathic Emergency Medicine awards a residency program with the FOEM Research Flame Award at their annual Legacy Gala.  The award goes to the Residency Program with the highest average score for senior research papers as determined by the ACOEP Research Committee during their annual review of senior research.

The deadline to participate in the Research Paper Review process is January 31 annually. This research paper review is optional but highly encouraged, and requires a separate submission method than that of the senior resident research papers that need to be submitted as part of the programs Annual Report, which is required.

Click here to submit your paper today! If you are not a senior resident, simply check that box on the bottom of the first page.


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Presenting your Research

Poster Presentation Template

Good Case, Bad Case by Andy Little, DO, Doctors Hospital EM Residency

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Required Training and Certifications

To safely conduct research with people or animals you need to be trained and certified. Check with your school’s Research Department contact to learn more. If you are unsure of the proper contact person, email your RSO Research Chair.

Many schools use the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program). It is a free, web-based, nationally recognized resource. These certificates will also follow you to residency!

In order to begin a new research project the FDA requires you to be in compliance with your school’s Institutional Review Board. Click here for more information on these requirements.