Welcome New Chapter Presidents! We hope your year ahead will be a great leadership experience. As the RSO, we are here to support your efforts and will be happy to provide assistance with whatever you may need. Some questions we frequently receive include:

What sort of events should I have?

  • Skills labs – Ultrasound, suturing, intubation, c-spine and backboarding, EKG
  • Guest speakers – local EM docs, recently matched 4th years, EM residents, EMS Directors, Program Directors, ACOEP-RSO members
  • Team building – paintballing, river tubing, camping, obstacle courses
  • Events – Provide First Aid at local events in conjunction with local EMS, set up a table at a community event and help provide education
  • Dinner & a Movie – show an EM-based movie like 24/7/365 and serve food

Regional Chapter Guidelines
The Goals of the ACOEP-RSO are to:

  • Develop and deliver knowledge
  • Involve members at all levels of practice
  • Enhance awareness of the College and emergency medicine
  • Advocate for the patient, members, and the College
  • Maintain a powerful national College

Submit all documentation and questions to DOSA.ACOEP.RSO@acoep.org.