Does your program have a RSO Resident Rep?

Each academic year the Resident and Student Organization recruits a Residency Representative from each recognized residency program. The Residency Representative will be the point person between your program and the ACOEP RSO and will have a voting seat on the Congress of Residents and Students during elections each fall. Throughout the year, the rep will be contacted with information on conference events, deadlines for research competitions, publications and other details that will need to be communicated to their residency program.

The ACOEP RSO provides a generous $300 stipend to each approved Resident Rep to offset the costs of attending the Fall Scientific Assembly. Residency Representatives will be required to attend certain events during the Scientific Assembly to be eligible to receive this stipend. The specific requirements will be communicated to the reps annually.

If you are interested please contact us at, to see if your program has anyone serving in this position or fill out the application below.