The RSO Board of Directors serves as the governing body for the organization and is made up of both resident and student officers. The elected individuals work tirelessly to ensure our member’s interests are met on every front, including providing exclusive educational opportunities, benefits, networking and support.

Officers are elected by their peers during the RSO general membership meeting that takes place each year at the Scientific Assembly. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us with questions, concerns or suggestions you may have.

Melinda Kizziah, DO PGY1
Melinda Kizziah, DO PGY1President
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Undergraduate: University of Mount Union
Medical School: WVSOM
Residency: Ohio State University

Hobbies: Reading, concerts, traveling, spending time with my family, and hanging out with my husband and my adorable dog!

Blake Pruitt Chatham, OMS-4
Blake Pruitt Chatham, OMS-4Vice President
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Undergraduate: University of Arkansas
Medical School: UNTHSC-TCOM
Hobbies: Anything to do with soccer, taking my dog to the park, travelling to new places, and spending time with my family and friends!
Kaya Smith, DO PGY4
Kaya Smith, DO PGY4Past President
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Undergraduate: University of Toledo
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine – Erie, PA
Residency: Norman Regional
Professional Interests: Teaching, Ultrasound, Critical Care, Infectious Disease, Equality in Medicine
Hobbies: Powerlifting/weightlifting, Football, Karaoke, Trivia, Game Nights, Travel, Music, Taco Tuesdays.

Christoper Euell, OMS-3
Christoper Euell, OMS-3Secretary
Hometown: Princetown, NJ
Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame
Medical School: PCOM
Hobbies: Playing with my dog, cooking, watching baseball, video games, and hanging with friends!
Harshit Singh, OMS-4
Harshit Singh, OMS-4Treasurer
Hometown: Logan, UT
Undergraduate: Utah State University
Medical School: KCU-COM
Hobbies: Really love being around mountains: hiking, biking, camping, climbing, traveling. Also a big sports fan, but particularly a huge hockey fan (Go Devils!)
Coral Byrns, OMS-3
Coral Byrns, OMS-3Director of Student Affairs
Hometown: Conway, AR
Undergraduate: University of Central Arkansas
Medical School: VCOM-Auburn
Hobbies: Cooking, eating fancy foods I can’t afford, anything related to true crime, and watching football! War Eagle!
Mehgan Lazenby, OMS-4
Mehgan Lazenby, OMS-4Past Director of Student Affairs
Hometown: Montgomery, AL
Undergraduate: AUM- Bachelor’s; UAB- Masters
Medical School: VCOM-Auburn
Hobbies: Running, Wakesurfing, being a Mom and spending time with family, and concerts.
Alyka Glor Fernandez, DO PGY1
Alyka Glor Fernandez, DO PGY1Resident Publications Chair
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Undergraduate: University of Florida
Medical School: Kansas City University COM
Professional Interest: FemInEM, mentorship, academic EM

Hobbies: Cooking, eating my way around the world, brewery hopping, watching football (Go Gators!)
Stefanie Herfurth, OMS-4
Stefanie Herfurth, OMS-4Resident Publications Chair
Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany
Undergraduate: Wake Forest University
Medical School: CUSOM
Hobbies: Traveling around the world, hiking, kayaking,
scuba diving, cooking, baking, trying new restaurants
(just a foodie in general! ;D)
Savannah Dimick, OMS-2
Savannah Dimick, OMS-2Student Publications Chair
Hometown: Northfield, MN
Undergraduate: University of Minnesota
Medical School: UNECOM
Hobbies: Running, going on adventures with my dog, listening to true crime podcasts, cross-country skiing, traveling, trying new foods, and spending time outdoors (lakeside in Minnesota, and oceanside in Maine!)
Spencer Heath, OMS-3
Spencer Heath, OMS-3Student Publications Chair
Hometown: Graham, TX
Undergraduate: Texas Christian University
Medical School: NYITCOM-Arkansas
Hobbies: Kayaking/canoeing, cooking (especially Sichuan and Viet cuisines), hanging with my wife, dogs, and cat, watching horror movies, and playing video games!
Joshua Smith, DO PGY2
Joshua Smith, DO PGY2Resident Conference Chair
Hometown: Golden, CO
Undergraduate: Colorado State University
Medical School: RVUCOM-Colorado
Residency: RVUCOM-Colorado
Professional Interest: Teaching, Emergency Cardiology, Critical Care, EMS, Wilderness Medicine
Hobbies: Climbing, Treking, Travel, Flyfishing, Cooking, watching my kids grow and going to kids soccer and football games.
Victoria Glascott, OMS-4
Victoria Glascott, OMS-4Resident Conference Chair
Hometown: Ottsville, PA
Undergraduate: Penn State University
Medical School: Kansas City University
Hobbies: Traveling, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Watching Philly Sports and PSU football, Working out, Exploring local breweries, and Cooking.
Marshall Johnson, OMS-3
Marshall Johnson, OMS-3Student Conference Chair
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Undergraduate: Cedarville university, USF
Medical School: VCOM-Auburn
Hobbies: Baseball, Traveling/visiting different vineyards. My wife and I run a special needs YoungLife Capernaum group and love hanging out with these kids (subtle plug:
Alexander Taylor, OMS-2
Alexander Taylor, OMS-2Student Conference Chair
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Undergraduate: University of Arizona
Medical School: VCOM-Louisiana
Hobbies: Traveling, eating good food (I am a huge foodie), hiking, camping, and running (I am currently training for my 1st marathon!)
Louisa (Lulu) Weindruch, OMS-3
Louisa (Lulu) Weindruch, OMS-3Graduate Medical Education Chair
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Undergraduate: Southern Methodist University
Medical School: UNTHSC-TCOM
Hobbies: Cooking, putting together cheese boards, taking a class on my spin bike, or watching some true crime or reality TV!