The Fast Track is the official publication of the ACOEP Resident Student Organization (RSO). It’s your source for the latest news from the RSO as well as a variety of articles ranging from case reports and research reviews to opinion-based pieces. At the end of the year, a collection of the “best articles” from those submitted will be featured in a printed version of The Fast Track Anthology.


The Fast Track was founded in 2011 by Tanner Gronowski and John Donahue as a replacement for the print newsletters created by the ACOEP Student Chapter. After years of diligent work, The Fast Track went from a print newsletter to a gorgeously designed online publication with a gamut of thoughtful and informative articles.

Our online publication has allowed us to publish articles more readily, share on social media and encourage discussion among readers and authors. This is a new era for The Fast Track and we are glad you’re are joining us!

Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

Welcome to The Fast Track! As the official publication of the ACOEP Resident Student Organization, we are the primary voice of osteopathic students and residents in emergency medicine. Although we are a publication with an osteopathic base, The Fast Track is really a medium for all emergency medicine students and residents, osteopathic or allopathic. We hope that you enjoy our publication and that you find a voice by submitting your own articles to us! Also, please share your favorite articles on Facebook and Twitter!


Alyka Glor Fernandez, DO