Club of the Year Competition

Be proud of your efforts, share them with the ACOEP-RSO, and win the Club of the Year competition. Points are allocated for various activities and will be scored at the end of each academic year by the national chapter. Activities your club can earn points for include:

  • Representation on 3 of 4 national conference calls
  • ACOEP RSO Board Mentor Visit
  • Outreach events with social media tag
  • Minimum of 4 club meetings since beginning of academic year
  • Extra points awarded for: fundraising events, journal clubs, additional ACOEP-RSO approved speaker visits, Fast Track articles, conference competition submissions, and attendance at national symposiums.

    Mandatory Requirements

    ACOEP-RSO Approved Speaker Visit

    Outreach Event

    Minimum of 4 club meetings in this Club of the Year cycle

    Additional Points Earned

    Directions: Please record the following information for any additional points your club is eligible.

    10 POINTS

    15 POINTS

    20 POINTS

    30 POINTS

    50 POINTS

    75 POINTS

    100 POINTS