The ACOEP Resident and Student Organization exists to support the continuing education, osteopathic philosophy and career development of emergency medicine residents and students worldwide.


On October 5, 1975, a small group of physicians met in Toledo, Ohio to formulate the basis for establishing the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Medicine (ACOEP). This group created a letter of intent to begin a specialty college specifically for the practice of emergency medicine and forwarded the letter to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) and to seek affiliate status within that organization. The AOA recognized the specialty college, ACOEP, at its meeting in July 1978, at which time an official charter was issued by the AOA.

In November 1978, the first residency training programs were recommended for approval by the AOA’s Committee on Postdoctoral Training at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine; Detroit Osteopathic Hospital; Grand Rapids Osteopathic Hospital; and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and received final approval in February 1979.

In 1980, the AOA recognized and approved the AOBEM, as the certifying board for emergency medicine. The first written examination was given in 1981, and the oral exam in 1982. In 1982, the residency paper competition was established, and the ACOEP Board of Directors established an award for the best three resident papers to promote research in the new field of emergency medicine.

In the spring of 1988, the Board of Directors authorized the formation of the Student Chapter of the ACOEP, an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the students interested in emergency medicine as a career; Paula Willoughby, was elected as the first President.

In 1990, to provide more in-depth training, the osteopathic emergency medicine residency program was increased from a two-year program to a three-year post-internship program. Additionally, the proposal of combined training program in Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine was developed and forwarded to the AOA’s Committee on Postdoctoral Training. Both proposals were approved by the AOA in late 1990 and received formal approval of the AOA in 1991.

With the increasing resident training population, the College also formed the Resident Chapter of the ACOEP in 1992, with Cary Schnieder, DO as its first President. The Scientific Seminar in 1993 hosted the first CPC competition, an event that has grown tremendously.

In 1998, the Student Chapter celebrated its 10th Anniversary and elected Gerald Maloney (OUCOM) as its President.

In April 2004, the Board passed a resolution to allow the presidents of the Student and Resident Chapter to sit on the Board as non-voting members. In November, the first seating of the Student Chapter President, Jeremy Selley and the Resident Chapter President, Julie Johns, DO as members of the Board of Directors.

At Spring Seminar in 2011, the Student Chapter held the first annual Leadership Academy created for student members interested in gaining more leadership experience.

In 2015, the Resident and Student Chapters hosted the first ACOEP Regional Student Symposium at Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2016, the Resident and Student Chapter leadership began discussions of combining forces, which lead to the formation of the new Resident Student Organization (RSO). The new bylaws were drafted and received formal approval from the ACOEP board in the fall of 2016.

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