Dhimitri Nikolla, DO
RSO President
AHN Saint Vincent Hospital, Erie, PA.

Did you attend our RSO events at Spring Seminar 2018? See if you can recall some pearls from our RSO events and the general lectures by matching each number with the correct letter!

  1. Patients leaving AMA are often…
  2. Sodium channelopathy that results in fatal dysrhythmias.
  3. Fracture of the ulna and dislocation of the radial head.
  4. Over the counter medication that contains methyl salicylate.
  5.  Most serious type of poisoning.
  6. Can be used as evidence in a lawsuit.
  7. The “E” in the DOPE mnemonic.
  8. Need to be titrated together.
  9. Less important than your personal statement.
  10. May require the percutaneous coronary intervention.
  11. Used to diagnose MI with a LBBB.
  12. Calculated from ideal body weight.
  13. Used to treat sulfonylurea overdose.
  14. Fracture of the radius and dislocation of the ulna.
  15. Highest risk age group for accidental poisoning.
  1. Metadata
  2. ST elevation in aVR
  3. 1-2 years old
  4. Fumes/Gases/Vapors
  5. Very sick
  6. Montaggia
  7. FiO2 and PEEP
  8. Octreotide
  9. Standardized Video Interview
  10. Sgarbossa Criteria
  11. Tidal Volume
  12. Brugada Syndrome
  13. Galeazzi
  14. Oil of wintergreen
  15. Equipment failure


1.E 2.L 3.F 4.N 5.D 6.A 7.O 8.G 9.I 10.B 11.J 12.K 13.H 14.M 15.