Chris Swyers, DO, PGY-2
St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital

Despite the skills and knowledge we acquire in residency, starting a career in emergency medicine can be daunting. Luckily, the ACOEP is committed to making this transition easier by helping us lay the groundwork for a successful and rewarding career. The New Physicians in Practice (NPIP) group was created specifically to help residents make the transition to a practicing emergency physician.

To facilitate transition from residency, the New Physicians in Practice lecture track was created for physicians who have graduated within the past five years. The group provides education, support, and mentorship for difficult job selection decisions, finances, contract negotiation, work-life balance, and more. The NPIP Committee holds two meetings in conjunction with each of the Spring and Fall ACOEP Conferences. The meetings are informal open forums and all ACOEP members are invited to participate.

The most recent NPIP lecture series was held at the Fall Scientific Assembly in Denver. This series catered to the needs and interests of physicians who are either finishing residency or have recently graduated. This year’s lectures included:

  • “Keep Yourself Out Of The Courtroom”: Keynote speaker, Dr. Kevin Klauer, an expert in medical risk management, covering high-risk legal topics that could threaten your license if not handled appropriately (i.e. working with residents, co-signing allied health professionals [AHP] charts, etc.)
  • “So You Have Been Served, Now What?”: COPIC’s Marc Fogg discussed the anatomy of a lawsuit, what you can expect from the initial filed complaint, and serving of papers to the deposition and trial.
  • “Tax Strategy For The New Physician”: Greg Papineau, CPA, who works primarily with physicians, highlighted the key steps to getting off on the right foot after residency… and what to do with that first paycheck.
  • “More Money In Your Pocket”: Dr. Travis Ulmer outlined sure-fire ways to maximize your reimbursement and increase your paycheck through easy charting tips.

The NPIP is a wealth of information, not just for those doctors finishing residency or for those just starting their career. For students and junior residents, the NPIP group has a comprehensive overview for the path to board certification, as well as details on the ACOEP, its committees, and benefits of being a member. The New Physician Membership Guide can be found by going to the Member Center tab on the main ACOEP site and clicking New Physicians in Practice on the left-hand side, or through the NPIP section of the ACOEP website. A blog is also available, with helpful tips on credit, student loans, and more!