Welcome to The Fast Track!

This year has been a time of major shift here at ACOEP. As your resident and student leadership, we have been working to provide you with the most exciting and educational emergency medicine experience we can offer.

Many of you will be reading this letter from the comfort of your laptops and cellphones on our new dedicated RSO website! The Fast Track is now a digital publication allowing for more immediate connection and feedback with our readership. In the dynamic world of emergency medicine, we don’t have the luxury to sit back and wait. We are excited to introduce real-time interaction on articles and events addressed by our authors. We will even be tracking which articles get the most #FOAMed love to print in our annual The Fast Track Anthology.

The RSO is now fully unified on social media. Whereas before the students and residents had their own accounts on Facebook and Twitter, the RSO has ushered in a new era of streamlined availability on social media. We, as your leadership, can keep you informed and you can reach out to us on multiple different platforms. If you aren’t following us yet – what are you waiting for?!

This year’s Scientific Assembly in Denver promises to be an unmissable event. If you are wondering about making the trip out to the Rocky Mountains, think no more. From airway competitions to one-on-one time with the ACOEP keynote speakers, career-relevant advice ranging from a student level to that of a senior resident – this year’s fall conference promises to provide ample opportunity to instill the confidence you need to take the next step on your personal emergency medicine journey.

What organizational rebranding would be complete without some new apparel to represent us back home at your medical schools and residency programs? The RSO will be giving away shirts to every attendee in Denver! We also will be launching a new line of clothing with a resident/student budget and style in mind.

With all these great new changes, we have to take the time to thank the College for being behind us every step of the way! We are so grateful for the support of the parent chapter in helping us promote this new venture. Those of you that have been to ACOEP events before are well aware of the interest and support that the attending physicians show in us as both individuals, and also the future of the college as a whole. Their willingness to stand behind our endeavors is what allows us to face the future with certainty.

We hope to see you all in Denver!

Kaitlin Bowers, DO                           Dominic Williams, OMS-IV

ACOEP-RSO President                  ACOEP-RSO Director of Student Affairs