ACOEP Committees

One of the many ways students and residents can get involved is to join a committee! Below is a list of committees currently looking for students or residents who have specific interests. If you are interested in joining please fill out the attached application.

Interested in a Committee?
To get involved with any committee, complete the application: Join a Committee 
Please submit the form above along with your CV to Geri Phifer.


This Committee monitors the documents governing the ACOEP. It reviews the working policies and Bylaws to ensure that the College remains in compliance with governing principles and standards for organizations. 12 members; meets annually and by conference call, as needed.

Committee Chair: Michael Yangouyian, DO, FACOEP
Staff Liaison: Jan Wachtler

Emergency Medical Services

The Emergency Medical Services Committee is comprised of ACOEP members who work with other associations to bring about substantial improvements to the practice of EMS, disaster medicine, international EMS and more. The Committee provides input into the development of pre- and postdoctoral training program standards, and act as consultants to the Committee on Continuing Medical Education (CCME) on the development of educational products promoting this area.

Committee Chair: Stephen Vetrano, DO, FACOEP
Staff Liaison: Kefah Spreitzer

Governmental Affairs

The mission of the Governmental Affairs Committee is to advocate for osteopathic emergency medicine physicians on health policy legislation. By providing emergency medicine physicians with the tools they need to advocate, The Governmental Affairs Committee empowers members, including students and residents, to become agents of change. The Governmental Affairs Committee provides training materials, education, resources, meetings, networking opportunities, and much more.

Committee Chair: Jon Pierre Pazevic, DO, FACOEP
Staff Liaison: Jan Wachtler

Research and Academic Awards

The Research Committee exists to review research conducted in the field of emergency medicine by residents and physicians, and works with FOEM to determine if the research papers and projects are worthy of receiving the various grants or awards.

The Research and Academic Awards Committee will also be tasked with evaluating research, as conducted as part of the requirements for resident training, and forwarding its recommendations to the Committee on Graduate Medical Education as part of the program requirements for emergency medicine. Join this committee and stay abreast of research and help to drive it forward!

Committee Chair: Michael Allswede, DO, FACOEP
Staff Liaison: Jan Wachtler 

Media Services

This Committee creates and reviews documents for the College’s publications and on its communications vehicles, like Twitter,™ Facebook,™ Instagram,™ and others. Members may be required to write columns for these features. 12 – 15 members; meets twice annually.

Committee Chair: Timothy Cheslock, DO, FACOEP
Staff Liaison: Erin Sernoffsky